Yuma County Ballot Harvesting Investigation Part 3

AG000365-AG000366 Supplement #18_Redacted

AG000367 AG Property-Evidence List

AG000383-AG000385 Further Case Summary-Supplement # 19_Redacted

AG000386 AG Property-Evidence List

AG000389-AG000396 YCSO Property-Evidence Reports

AG000397 Guadalupe Vargas 3-3-2021 1046 (Transcript)_Redacted

AG000398 Investigator Peralta 10-27-2020 (2)(Transcript)_Redacted

AG000399 Investigator Salazar 8-7-2020 (Transcript)_Redacted

AG000400 Josephina Quintero 3-3-2021 1106(Transcript)

AG000401 2020_70132_10_27_2020_07_41_35_Salvador_Salazar_(Transcript)_Redacted

AG000402-AG000403 SIS Report 2020-0323 Supplement #20_Redacted

AG000404-AG000405 SIS Report 2020-0323 Supplement #21_Redacted

AG000406-AG000407 SIS Report 2020-0323 Supplement #22

Yuma County Ballot Harvesting Investigation Part 1

San Luis AGO reports

AG000001-AG000003 SIS-2020-0494 Supplement #1

AG000050-AG000052 Yuma County SO Contact and Collaboration – Supp 1

AG000053-AG000054 Latent Prints Comparison – Supplement 2(1)

AG000053-AG000054 Latent Prints Comparison – Supplement 2

AG000055-AG000056 Fingerprint Analysis Update-Supp #5

AG000057-AG000059 Interview of G. Fuentes 12-4-Supp #6_Redacted

AG000060-AG000061 SIS-2020-0323 Supplement #7

AG000062-AG000063 AG-9 – Fuentes Fingerprints – Supplement #9

AG000064-AG000066 AG-10 – Voter Interviews 1-9-2021 – Supplement #10_Redacted

AG000067-AG000070 AG-12 – Voter Interviews – 292021 & 2102021_Redacted

AG000079-AG000081 Robyn Pouquette Interview-Supplement #16_Redacted

AG000220-AG000233 2020PrimaryElectionOfficia

AG000234-AG000240 San Luis Council Minutes July 2020

AG000241-AG000248 Search Warrant SW2020-70132 With Affidavit and Return_Redacted

AG000249-AG000259 Voter Assistant Records_Redacted

AG000267-AG000268 VR Cards Email_Redacted

AZ Senate 5

AZ Senate Audit – Maricopa General Election 2020 — Page 5

The following materials (links) were turned over to the media by the Arizona State Senate in response to a Public Records Request related to the audit of the 2020 Maricopa County General Election:

ARZN_REV00016203 ARZN_REV00016202 ARZN_REV00016201 ARZN_REV00016200
ARZN_REV00016199 ARZN_REV00016198 ARZN_REV00016197 ARZN_REV00016196
ARZN_REV00016196 ARZN_REV00016195 ARZN_REV00016194 ARZN_REV00016191
ARZN_REV00016190 ARZN_REV00016189 ARZN_REV00016188 ARZN_REV00016187
ARZN_REV00016185 ARZN_REV00016186 ARZN_REV00016184 ARZN_REV00016183
ARZN_REV00016182 ARZN_REV00016800 ARZN_REV00016768 ARZN_REV00016739
ARZN_REV00016738 ARZN_REV00016727 ARZN_REV00016723 ARZN_REV00016693
ARZN_REV00016687 ARZN_REV00016666 ARZN_REV00016616 ARZN_REV00016614
ARZN_REV00016612 ARZN_REV00016610 ARZN_REV00016469 ARZN_REV00016454
ARZN_REV00016443 ARZN_REV00016441 ARZN_REV00016440 ARZN_REV00016438

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