The People’s Lobbyist Project

The “People’s Lobbyist” Project has been launched to give Arizona residents a better chance to compete with highly-paid lobbyists who serve special interests and push legislation designed to further bureaucratic and corporate interests rather than those of “The People.”

The project, under development for nearly a year, provides voters with “alerts” on key legislation, and easy access to the the Arizona Legislature’s ALIS system. Residents taking action to either promote – or fight – a bill become an army of lobbyists serving the needs of the average resident.

If you would like to be a part of the People’s Lobbyist project, and receive email alerts, contact Jose Borrajero at or

The “People’s Lobbyist” project does not collect data from users, nor does it drop its own cookies. As a result of the “clean” design, the project has no commercial value. However, we do believe however that there is tremendous value to us all when people from all walks of life are involved in the policy making process.

We are not affiliated with any government entity, nor are we interested in making legislators’ lives easier. As a result, you will find a list of legislators and links to send emails directly to them at the right of this screen. Below, you will find an embedded ALIS interface.


Testimony at hearings can only be done for bills that are scheduled for standing committee hearings (e.g. appropriations, education, etc.). For all bills, scheduled for hearings or not, one may provide citizen opinions via other methods, like e-mail, telephone, etc.

First, one must register. Beginning with the 2016 legislative session, we have two choices as to how to register, either at the State Capitol or below. Once registered, one may log in as often as desired, using one’s home computer. To do so, this is the procedure to follow:

1. Click on “Sign On”

2.  If you are not registered, click on “Create An Account” and follow screen instructions. If you are already registered, skip this step and go to next step

3. Click on “Application” an then choose “Request to Speak”


Those citizens that registered prior to that must re-register. However, for those who registered after January, 2014 it is a one-time thing. They need not register again.