Developing Legislation In Arizona

From the Arizona Legislature:

1) In Arizona a bill is introduced in the House or Seante by a Member, a group of Members, a Standing Committee or a Majority of a Committee, after being written in proper form by the Legislative Council.

2) A bill is branded (assigned a number), First Read and referred by the Speaker to appropriate Standing Committees and to the Chief Clerk for printing and distribution.

3) Committees consider a bill (may include hearings, expert testimony, statements from citizenry). Committees report recommendations to Whole House. The Committee on Rules determines if a bill is constitutional and in proper form.

4) The Committee on Rules places a bill on the Active Calendar and the Speaker of the House or Senate President
sets order in which measures will be considered.

5) The Committee of the Whole: Informal session of entire House membership acting as one committee. Members debate, develop amendment, and make recommendations on bills.

6) Third Reading – Roll Call. Every member present must vote (unless excused and no Member may vote for another member.

7) If passed by House, the bill goes on to the Senate.